Internet Warrior: How to Gain the Tools You Need to Take Your Piece of the $50 Billion Internet Marketing "Profit Pie," By Michael "Zappy" Zapolin, with Alys R. Yablon, 2009.
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Field Guide to Luck: How to Use and Interpret Charms, Signs and Superstitions by Alys R. Yablon. Quirk Books, 2008.
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Ask The Kabala: Oracle Cards by Deepak Chopra and Michael Zapolin, with Alys R. Yablon. Hay House, 2006.
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[Forthcoming] "Shabbat: A Love Story" in Bread and Fire: Jewish Women Find God in the Everyday, edited by Rivkah Slonim (Jerusalem: Urim Publications, 2006).


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