• Manuscript Evaluation
    My experience in the book world allows me to guide you regarding where your book succeeds, and where it does not. I will read (not edit) your text and provide you with a detailed evaluation of your book's style, relevance and organization.

  • Developmental Editing
    This service is for authors who have begun the writing process but have been unable to complete their books or articles alone. I will help to guide you toward completion, asking key questions and telling you where you need to elaborate and where you've strayed from the path. This is a collaborative project in which I act as your writing coach.

  • Content Editing
    The most popular option is content editing, which normally involves two or three rounds of editing. I take your completed manuscript and edit it for style, clarity, and flow. I will re-write unclear sentences, provide you with developmental comments and questions where needed, and give it back to you for revision. Once you have made your corrections and revisions, I will edit it once more, making sure that your book is polished into a better final product, suitable for submission at a publishing house or, if the book is already slated for publication, a finished product.

  • Proofreading
    This service is basic proofing of your text for grammar, spelling and consistency.
  • Book Reviews
    Publications wishing to hire me for reviews of literary non-fiction or novels are welcome to contact me at any time.

  • Ghostwriting
    Ghostwriting involves taking your ideas (research, life experience, etc.) for a book, and committing them to paper in your voice. I will work with you to create a book that reflects your tone and personality. This includes either face-to-face meetings or phone interviews, so that I can get to know you, how you speak, and how you would write if you were to do so yourself.


Please contact Alys for editing and writing services. Please include details about your particular project for a free estimate. Fees for each service vary according to the scope and nature of the book, as do the time frames required for completion.

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